Nepal celebrates a number of religious and non-religious holidays.Public offices and most private businesses in Nepal operate six days a week and only close on Saturdays. International organizations have their own rules and normally closed on Saturdays and Sundays.On most of these holidays, most government offices and private institutions are closed, although is not mandatory for privately owned businesses to close and international organizations may operate their own calendar.

The longest consecutive public holiday in Nepal is during Vijaya Dashami. On this festival, holidays fall from Ghatasthapana to Khojagrat Purnima but in private sector and some of the government sector the holidays were given from Fulpati to Dwadashi. These festival holidays do not fall on the same calendar date every year, as they are celebrated on the basis of Lunar dates also known as a tithe. Holidays such as Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day) and Republic day are celebrated on the basis of Bikram Sambat calendar dates.

Some of these events are region, religion or gender specific. For example, a certain holiday in Nepal can only be for women.