Nepali movies in the Oscars

Nepali movies in the Oscars

The movie industry of Nepal is sometimes known as Kollywood (as in Katmandu Hollywood). Although not many Nepali movies are well known internationally, these days the quality of Nepali films is getting better and better. Here are a few Nepali films that have been nominated for Oscars in recent years.


Oscar nominated in 1999

The Nepali movie Himalaya was the the first Nepali movie to be nominated for an Oscar. It was directed by French citizen Eric Valli. Himalaya was shot in the remote village of Dolpo, and shows the lifestyle of the Himalayan people who live in upper part of Nepal.

Caravan Nepali Movie

Mask of Desire (Mukundo)

Oscar nominated in 2000

Directed by Tsering Rhitar Shrepa, it depicts the struggles faced by a husband and wife who are living happily with their two daughters until the husband, Dipak, desires a son.

Mask of Desire ( Mukundo) Nepali Movie

Muna Madan

Oscar nominated in 2003

Muna Madan is the bestselling epic book by Lamxi Prasad Devkota. Later it was filmed by Gyanendra Bahadur Deuja. The movie shows life in 18th century Nepal, dealing with issues of untouchability, caste discrimination and struggle.

Muna Madan Nepali Movie


Oscar nominated in 2006

Basain, meaning “Migration” in Nepali, was directed by Subash Gajurel. It depicts the daily life and poverty of Nepal, and how poverty forces people to leave their homes in search of a better life.

Basai Nepali Movie

Soongava: Dance of the orchids

Oscar nominated in 2013

Soongava is the first Nepalese movie to focus on homosexuality, telling the story of a woman who breaks up with her fiance to live with her lesbian lover.  It was directed by Subarna Thapa, a Nepali director who now lives in France.

Soongava Nepali Movie


Oscar nominated in 2014

Jhola is famous book written by Krishna Darawasi. In 2014 it was made into a film by Yadav Kumar Bhattarai. Jhola shows the story of the Sati system, where wifes have to die burning alive in fire along with her husbands’s death. This practice was prevalent long ago in Nepal, but nowadays has been completely eradicated.

Jhola Nepali Movie

Talakjung vs Tulke

Oscar nominated in 2015

This film was directed by Niscal Basnet, the well known director of the Nepali crime film LootTalakjung vs Tulke is about the past relationship between between Maoist and government in Nepal. Talakjung and Tulke are the names of the main characters. The film is up for an Oscar in 2015, and we wish the team good luck!

Talakjung Vs Tulke Nepali Movie

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