Highest Peak in the World ‘Mount Everest’

Highest Peak in the World ‘Mount Everest’

You may have heard about ‘Mount Everest’ or ‘Everest’ somewhere. May be one of your friend or family told about you. If you don’t know about it or only know little bit then this post will be helpful for you.

Mount Everest is the highest place in this world having 8848 Meters (29029 ft). Mount Everest Lies in Nepal which is located in Northern side. It is also the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). Nepalese called Mount Everest as “Sagarmatha”. Tibetan called it with Chomolungma.

Some Selected Records about Climbing Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the attraction for climbers. Basically there are two primary climbing route, one from Southeast in Nepal which is also know as standard course and the other from the north in Tibet. In the year 2016 A.D nearly 3000 Climbers reached in the peak of Everest. This data was taken from Local Nepali Media. Still People are coming to Nepal for Climbing Everest.

The first person to climb and reach in Everest was Tenzing Norgay Sherpa (Nepali) and Edmund Hillary (New Zealander). They climbed Everest on 29th May 1953 from the south route.

1953 – First ascent, by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary on 1953.
1960 – First reported ascent from the North Ridge by Wang Fuzhou, Gonpo and Qu Yinhua of China.
1975 – First female ascent, by Junko Tabei on 16 May.
1975 – First female ascent from the North Ridge, by Phantog, deputy head of the second Chinese Everest expedition that sent nine climbers to the summit (27 May).
1978 – First ascent without supplemental oxygen by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler.
1980 – First solo ascent, by Reinhold Messner.
1988 – First “cross-over” climb by Chinese, Japanese and Nepalese teams which ascended the peak simultaneously from both the North and South sides of the mountain and descended down the other side.[143] The cross-over climb was also the first to be recorded on live broadcast television.
1998 – Fastest to reach the summit without supplemental oxygen, by Kazi Sherpa, in 20 hours and 24 minutes.
2001 – First ascent by a blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer.
2001 – Lhakpa Sherpa becomes first Nepali woman to summit Everest and survive.
2004 – Fastest to reach the summit via the southeast ridge (South Col), with supplemental oxygen, by Pemba Dorje, in 8 hours and 10 minutes.
2006 – Lhakpa Sherpa summits for the 6th time, breaking her own record for most successful female Everest climber.
2010 – Youngest to reach the summit, by Jordan Romero (13-year-old).
2011/2013 – Most times to reach the summit, jointly held by Apa Sherpa (21 times; 10 May 1990 – 11 May 2011) and Phurba Tashi (21 times; 1999–2013).

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